Dhamma Pallava

Building the Vipassana Meditation Centre in Poland

Leatthañca sukhatthañca, jhāyituñca vipassitu.

Vihāradāna saghassa, agga buddhena vaṇṇita;

Tasmā hi paṇḍito, poso sampassa atthamattano.

Vihāre kāraye ramme, vāsayettha bahussute;

Sheltering and conducive to concentration and insight,

a place of meditation is praised by Enlightened Ones as the greatest gift to the Sangha.

Therefore a wise man, considering his own welfare, should build pleasant dwellings

in which those who have heard much about the Dhamma may stay and practice.


Sayagyi U Ba Khin, S.N. Goenka’s teacher, always thought that a permanent centre, where ongoing courses could be conducted, is the most conducive place for meditation. That’s why he kept saying to his disciple “Goenkaji, have a centre as quickly as possible!”

Old students of Vipassana meditation in Poland had been searching for a piece of land to build a Vipassana centre for a long time, when (in 2008) a suitable plot became available and was purchased. S.N. Goenka happily gave it the name Dhamma Pallava, meaning sprout or bud of Dhamma. He foresaw that in the future, when the time was ripe, a small bud of Dhamma would grow and then blossom.

He hoped that this simple meadow would be developed into a fully functioning centre where many people from Poland and all around the world would be able to come and meditate. Here, meditators will be able to benefit from ideal facilities, a conducive atmosphere and a peaceful environment, much better than a temporary rented site like the one at Krutyń could offer.


As Sayagyi U Ba Khin used to say “The clock of Vipassana has struck!”

May Dhamma Pallava grow and blossom!



In the village of Dziadowice, which is within the Malanów Administrative Area of Vielkopolskie Voivodship, 25 km from the Turek exit on the A2 motorway.

  • Łódź 95 km

  • Poznań 120 km

  • Wrocław 160 km

  • Warszawa 220 km

  • Katowice 250 km

  • Gdańsk 305 km

  • Berlin 390 km


The area of the compound is about 10 hectares.

Plans – the centre will consist of ten buildings:

  • Meditation hall for 110 people, 66 cells and two smaller halls for foreign language discourses.

  • Teachers' residences, with a small interview room.

  • Kitchen and two dining halls (for men and women) and utility rooms.

  • Six accommodation buildings, with a total of 110 single ensuite rooms for students, and 10 single ensuite rooms for servers.

  • Office building with a conference room, utility rooms and 14 single ensuite rooms for servers.


June 2002 – first Vipassana course in Poland (conducted in English only) takes place

July 2003 – first Vipassana course in Poland (conducted in English & Polish) takes place

January 2008 – purchase of 6.8 hectares of land in the village of Dziadowice

May 2009 – S. N. Goenka names the future centre Dhamma Pallava

May 2011 – initial plans for building the centre are made

2014 – creation of the executive committee for the construction of the centre; purchase of the neighbouring forest plots (extending the land to nearly 10 hectares)


February – planning permission (for construction phase one) granted from Malanów Municipality

September – appointment of the architect

October – preparation of detailed documentation for building permit application

December – building permit application submitted.


May – building permit for phase one (four buildings) granted

June – construction work starts

August – planning permission for phase two (the remaining six buildings) granted

September – building permit for phase two granted.

Construction Timeline

Construction started in June 2016. First, a perimeter fence was erected and the foundation slabs of the first two accommodation buildings (Nos. 3 and 4) were laid.

The progress of work at the beginning of October 2016 is as follows:

Building No. 1(office and accommodation for servers) – the walls and the roof are ready. Outside insulation of walls is in progress. Installation of the electrics is in progress.

Building No. 2(kitchen and dining halls) – The walls are ready. Preparations for putting the roof on are being made.

Buildings Nos. 3(female accommodation) and 4 (male accommodation) – The roofs and gutters are ready. Attic insulation will be laid later, after installation of the ventilation system. External insulation of walls is finished. External rendering is in progress. Interior plastering is ready. Electrical installation is nearly finished. Windows are installed. Internal doors and floor tiling are ready (only in services rooms). Sewage pipes and toilet frames are being installed.

Building No. 5 (female accommodation) – laying the foundation slab – finished.

Building No. 6(male accommodation) – laying the foundation slab – in progress.

Plans for the next two months (October and November 2016)

If the weather continues to be favourable, by the end of November the following work is scheduled to be completed:

Buildings Nos. 1 (office), 3 & 4 (accommodation) – will be sealed, with heating system functioning.

Roofing and sheet metal work; facade; interior plastering; suspended ceilings; cellulose insulation in attic will all be finished.

All the windows, sills and doors will be installed as well as mechanical installation with heat recovery and air handling units, plus internal heating and sanitary installations (but without accessories).

Building No. 2 (kitchen and dining halls) – sealed but no heating.

Roofing and sheet metal work; facade; interior plastering will be finished. Windows and external doors will be installed.

Buildings Nos. 5 & 6 (accommodation) – Roofing and sheet metal work will be finished.

Exterior and interior walls finished. No windows and doors.

Other work scheduled to be completed: external wiring, sewage plant, pump plant, water treatment station. Embankment for the buildings Nos. 9 and 10 with soil compaction. Laying the treatment plant access road.

Estimated cost of work in October and November is 4,305,000 złoty. This includes a shipment of wall tiling and sanitary accessories for buildings Nos. 1, 3 and 4, as well as the shipment of 120 shower trays.

During winter 2016/17, the interior fitting out of buildings Nos. 1, 2, 3 & 4 is scheduled. Outdoor works relating to erecting building No. 9 (meditation hall) and No. 10 (teachers’ residence), and the finishing of buildings Nos. 5 & 6 will be resumed in the spring, weather conditions depending. The final two accommodation buildings (Nos. 7 & 8) will be started after the meditation hall and teachers’ accommodation have been completed, should funding permit.

With a total of 4,000 square metres of floor space, the combined cost of the centre (including planning, infrastructure, buildings and equipment) will be 18 million Zloty(approximately 4.2 million Euros).

If you would like to give financial support, bank account details are here (directs to a page for those who have completed at least one 10 day Vipassana course with S.N. Goenka or one ofhis Assistant Teachers, requires login).

If you have any questions, please write to: biuro@pallava.dhamma.org

Photos from the construction site are uploaded nearly every day on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/DhammaPallava/